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Sociables Inc

Sociables The Party Game!

Sociables The Party Game!

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Behold on your amazon screen Sociables! The worlds most outrageous party game. Inspired by such legendary games as Kings, Kings cup, Circle of Death and Ring of Fire our experts have masterminded this exciting source of witty entertainment especially for you. Sure to tickle your fancy, Sociables brings life to any occasion, relish in the temptation of Sociables tonight! Deck of 54 Cards - 52 cards with the proper markings in the corners (pips) to allow you to play any card game with and hilarious Sociables illustrations so you don't ever have to remember what card pertains to what rule again. 2 jokers included - 1 Rule card (double sided) to explain the different Sociables rules illustrated on the cards - 1 How to play/Social Networking Card (double sided) to explain how to play and where you can join the Sociables Cards online wether it be Facebook, instagram or Twitter. The cards are 100% plastic which makes them spill proof! Play any game you want besides the awesome game of Sociables and never worry about wrecking your cards! Make it a Sociables night!


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