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Super Powered Smash Masters New Recruits

Super Powered Smash Masters New Recruits

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The New Recruits Set is a standalone expansion for two players. It can be combined with the Core Set or with other expansion sets to increase the number of players.

Game Features:
Recruit a team of heroes to battle other hero teams — for no reason! It’s just like comics!
Defeat all rivals to win.
Customize your deck! Choose your best heroes and create a deck that compliments their abilities.
Can be combined with other SPSM sets.
Groups of up to 8 people (or more) can play together!
Fast-Paced Fun! Beat up your friends and still have time for… well… another game of Smash Masters!

Playing Super Powered Smash Masters is easy!
Everyone starts with a team of 6 heroes.
Use Smash Cards, Team Up Cards, Story Cards, or Individual Powers to defeat your opponents.
Be the last player with at least one hero left on the table to win!


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