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AK Interactive Wargame Terrain Muddy Ground (100ml)

AK Interactive Wargame Terrain Muddy Ground (100ml)

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This high quality acrylic product has been formulated to easily create terrains with different textures to set miniatures.

It works perfectly in both thin and thick coats. A drying time of 6 hours is recommended (depending on the amount used and the ambient temperature). The range of colors of the Battle Grounds Terrains line allows the representation of different climatic conditions on different planets and scenarios with extreme realism. If necessary, it can be diluted with water or acrylic thinner.

These terrains are complementary with other products such as pigments, inks, herbs, etc. to achieve exclusive scenes and contexts for your pieces.

The tone of this texture and the appearance mimic a muddy terrain. To reinforce the wet effect, varnish can be applied in some areas.


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