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Gloomier A Night at Hemlock Hall

Gloomier A Night at Hemlock Hall

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The sky is darker, the tea is colder, and the worst is still to come…


There’s mystery and murder afoot at Hemlock Hall. But this isn’t a story about the dashing detective—it’s the tale of the unfortunate victims. Compete to tell the most tragic tale, while keeping your opponents healthy and alive. Will you be detained in the dungeons or be poisoned while pruning?


Gloomier uses transparent cards, allowing a character’s story—and score—to evolve as cards are stacked upon them. You don’t have to have any prior experience to play Gloomier, but if you are familiar with Gloom, you’ll find six new Stories and fourteen new Guests that can be used with any edition of Gloom! So come to Hemlock Hall, and see what delightful misery awaits!


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