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BattleChrome Battle Machine Combat

BattleChrome Battle Machine Combat

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1996 card game of futuristic mecha battles in the 21st century. Anime-style art credited to "Dolphin Meat", "Hunger", "Bud", Scott Roberts and "Sledgehammer".


Contents: 2 9"x11", double-sided, loose pages. (The first has the rules. The second has appendices containing a list of all Frames and Systems, pre-designed Frames, sample missions, and templates for use designing new Frame cards.) 108 rectangular (non-rounded edge, non-laminated) cards, divided into 12 double-sided Frame cards, 36 System cards, 12 Terrain cards, and 48 Action cards.


Gameplay: Player take on the roles of mecha pilots and divide themselves into two teams. They design their mecha with Frame and System cards, and then arrange terrain cards in a line to form the field of battle. Each turn, players exchange movement and fire until the designated end-game is reached. Different scenarios have different victory conditions, from destroying the opposing frames to devastating the Terrain cards.


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