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8Bit Box

8Bit Box

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8BIT BOX the first ever boardgame console

Born in the IELLO labs, 8BIT BOX is the result of many years of research and includes the most advanced technology in the board game industry (like the most revolutionary anti-virus system to date!). It will allow you to discover all the games, without any subscription or necessary update.


With your controller, move around the circuit board ! You play Pixoid? Try to escape the Bugs as long as possible! You play a Bug? Coordinate your movements with other Bugs to catch Pixoid as fast as possible! A new player becomes Pixoid at every round. When each player has played Pixoid, whoever has the most victory points wins the game.


With your controller, choose the path you will take for the next section of the race at each new tile. Any tactic is possible, and you will need to be cunning to be the first to cross the finish line. Managing the fuel in your tank, accelerating at the right time, and throwing obstacles in the wheels of your opponents are the keys to success for every driver. At the end of the race, the leader among the surviving players is declared winner!


At the beginning of each new Trial, select the amount of Energy you want to engage. Your Energy is limited, and the games are long. Be team-oriented, rest when necessary, and show the world what you've got during the final events to win the most medals. The team with the most medals at the end of the 10 Trials wins the game.


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