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Culture Tags LLC



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#CULTURETAGS – The spirited and popular game that will test just how well you know the culture. If you know what WHHW means, then you’ve just played CultureTags!

GRAB A CARD - Announce the category and provide hints to help the other person guess the #CultureTag before time runs out!

350 CARDS + 7 CATEGORIES – Black Twitter, Church, Daily Sayings, Family & Friends, Songs & Lyrics, TV & Film and Words to Live By

LIMITLESS FUN FOR EVERYONE – Take this family friendly (ages 13 years+), multigenerational game anywhere. Playable in-person or virtually with hours of play

IN THE BOX - 350 Cards, Sand Timer, Dry Erase Marker, 5 Blank DIY Cards and limitless fun for everyone

THE ORIGINAL VIRAL GAME from the creators of Because of Them We Can


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