Shall We Play?  

It's not just our name it's our credo. People of all ages have been enjoying games for thousands of years. We want to embrace the gamer in ALL of us! 

That's why at Shall We Play? you won't find games for just adults. We all love slaying that dragon or escaping the slimy grasp of thousands of Zombies. But what about junior? Kids love to have fun too! We are committed to providing the most selection and opportunity for that gaming experience. Regardless of age! 

The first demonstration of our commitment to our younger crowd is a full line of SMART Toys & Games

Here is a snippet from the SMART Toys & Games website: 

"...the world-leader in fun, brain-building, single-player puzzle games." 

Critical and tactile associated thinking are the focus of all of these games. We are extremely confident in this line of games. 

Here is a list of all the international awards these games have won. We hope to see you at Shall We Play? enjoying this fine line of academically focused games.