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Twilight Imperium 4E Defend the Crown Store Championship Series Game 02

  • Shall We Play? The Games Store 7575 Norman Rockwell Lane, Suite 130 Las Vegas, NV, 89143 United States (map)

Emperor Beau all hail!

Through cunning, guile, trickery, and sheer force of will Fleet Commander Beau of the Barony of Letnev claimed the ancient throne, the seat of power Mecatol Rex and was crowned Emperor of the SWiP Galaxy.

Emperor Beau has the crown, but will he keep his head.
TI4 for the SWiP Galaxy will be defended on Saturday, April 21st.

Each month Shall We Play will host The TI4 Defend the Crown Store Championship Series!

Champions must defend or they lose the Crown.

Grab a seat on the Galactic Council of Shall We Play? The Games Store and vie for supremacy of the known galaxy.

Players will attempt to score victory points by completing both public and individual secret objectives that will see each of their factions maneuvering ships around an expansive and diverse galaxy, trading goods and commodities for favors and promises, claiming planets for their resources and influence, and politically maneuvering their way to glory. The first faction to ten victory points wins the game, but this is easier said than done.

Please reserve a seat on the Galactic Council.

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