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Enguardia Chronicles D&D 5th Edition Adventure League (WPN)

  • Shall We Play? The Games Store 7575 Norman Rockwell Lane, Suite 130 Las Vegas, NV, 89143 United States (map)

Enguardia Chronicles Book 01 The Dawn

A new world is open to those brave or foolish enough to take the first steps.

A world populated with civil races filled with hopes and dreams for a bright future.

A world of beasts from the wilds and the dark depths hungry, mad, and exploding with rage.

A world where you are called upon to defend against Foul Wizards and their lust for power. Drive back Undead Feinds with their cold breath, icy touch and disdain for those who still possess their inner light. Rally the desponded against depraved Lords that rule with the crack of the whip and slash of the sword. Assemble the guard to drive back the remorseless races looking to expand their blighted kingdoms and turn the civil races into slaves and meat for their Larders.

This is a world of your making!

Adventure | Danger
Hope | Fear
Treasures | Curses
Victory | Death

Three Dungeon Masters, Three Tables one world!

After your adventuring, provide stories for.
Excursion Through the Unknown A Field Guide to Adventure and Survival in an Untamed World

Every other Thursday at 7pm

Some materials will be provided. Players might need to provide their own copy of the Players Handbook (physical or digital), dice, etc.

Please post any questions or comments in the reply sections on this event.