Games from Long, and Not So Long Ago: Captain Sonar

Games from Long, and Not So Long Ago is a new section devoted to all of the awesome games we missed talking about while we were gone (Under Construction). We will bring back What's in the Box soon! We will add more features to our site and social media pages as fast as we can. 

Captain Sonar is a game I know that we would have raved about when it was first released, we would have sold out in the first week or two, then we would have spent months looking for stock placing back orders then calling all the peeps on the waiting list when we finally got it back in. We can cut out the middleman and just announce we have Captain Sonar in stock!

Captain Sonar is a 2 to 8 player real time game of cooperative Ultimate Battleship. It is crew vs crew in a game of hide and destroy played across a table from one another.